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Officials in northern California put the death toll from the state's deadliest wildfire at 48. The Butte County Sheriff announced the grim news after the discovery of six more bodies yesterday. Federal officials have also declared a public health emergency in California as smoke from wildfires is affecting the air quality in many cities.        Shares of Pacific Gas and Electric are taking a hit as investigators look into the cause of California's deadliest wildfire. PG&E stock fell 30-percent today after the utility said its insurance wouldn't cover the cost if it's held responsible for the Camp Fire. The company also revealed that a transmission line failed in the area just before the wildfire started.        The Justice Department says Matthew Whitaker's appointment as acting attorney general is legal. President Trump made the appointment last week after firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. An opinion from the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel says the President has legal authority to make such a move, despite the fact that Whitaker is not a Senate-confirmed appointment.        The U.S. Postal Service is reporting nearly four-billion-dollars in losses for 2018. The USPS said today its operating expenses rose more than three percent for the fiscal year. It also reported operating revenue of 70-billion-dollars, an increase of a billion dollars from 2017.        Monica Lewinsky says she considered taking her own life after her affair with President Bill Clinton was uncovered. In an upcoming docu-series on A&E, the former White House intern revealed that she was terrified and felt an extreme amount of guilt. News of the scandal first broke in 1998 during Clinton's second term in office.       Hasbro is rolling out Monopoly for Millennials. The game maker is using the tag line "Adulting is hard" as it tries to lure millennials by telling them they deserve a break from the rat race. Instead of buying up properties, the new version features experiences, like going to a meditation retreat or music festival or crashing on a friend's couch. Play pieces include an actual hashtag.